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God Bless You Cliven Bundy...!

Cattle Rustling and Tyranny are not alright with me! My family strongly supports agriculture and the folks who bust their ass every day to put food our our plates. My grandfather owned and operated a dairy for over 30 years and my family has raised our own animals as well . My daughter is off at college learning agriculture from the best folks in the business. Her future matters to me and so do the principals that Mr. Clivan Bundy stands for.

Speaking for myself here, I have a grasp of what is going on. The rule of law is being perverted and folks like me are damn sick and tired of it.

When I saw BLM thugs throw 57 year old Margaret Bundy Houston to the ground for trying to photograph a dump truck she though may have been removing evidence of her family's abused or destroyed cattle, my blood boiled! This could have been my own wife or one of my children. Women like Ms. Houston visit my salon every day. I love them, I appreciate them, I respect them and as a society, we need to honor them and treat them with dignity.

When government and government employees use unnecessary force against women, children or any citizen, this is tyranny plain and simple for all to see. Open your eyes folks. Even Fox News is not doing justice to this travesty.

I am posting video clips from the private media on my web-site daily. Personally, I don't think the Bundy family is safe and the light of day must be shined on this matter until they are. Evidently, the Main Stream Media also has an interest in Chinese Solar Pannels.

If you click the picture above you will go to the Bundy Family web-site where you can make a PayPal donation. These folks need our help and our prayers folks.

Senator Harry Reid Tells Clivan Bundy, "It's Not Over."

Lets Make A Deal...! 

So... DR. Hair, How is Your Salon Doing Year End 2013...?

My numbers are in; however, this is prior to final CPA auditing of my book keeping overall. I don't expect I will find any major revisions of the numbers though. The good news is, based upon salon service revenues, DR. Hair experienced a 2013 increase of roughly 4.6% over 2012! I have to sincerely thank my clients and especially my new clients. I'm not sure exactly what percentage the last 6 weeks of the year played in all of this; however, I appreciate everyones generosity over the holiday season. I want to mention that gratuities are included in my numbers. Although not required or expected, they are helpful, especially because they help me keep my pricing competitive. There are many who can not afford to make gratuities and I want you to know that your regular patronage is the best tip ever, I am equally grateful to everyone. It has always been my goal to keep my salon affordable for anyone who wants to visit regardless of means.

At the end of the calender year 2013, I have compared my actual percentages to those you see above, "those Texas Salons using Intuit QuickBooks on-line." Above this article is an intuit widget directly drawing upon data entered by other Texas salon owners and mine. Data from DR. Hair is also included in this metric. At year end, I now realize that when compared to other salons in Texas, our numbers were not part of the overall decrease experienced by many salons in 2013 according to this QuickBooks data.

That was the good news, here is the bad news. Where DR. Hair did realize a significant decrease in revenue in 2013 was on our eBay sales. In 2012, we had several consignments that were significant. In years past, DR. Hair did not depend so heavily upon consignment items for our eBay sales. Much of what we sold was acquired speculatively or wholesale and then resold. I'm not exactly sure how I will be adjusting our business plan to account for this; however, I'm on it.

In the current economic environment, I don't feel much tolerance at all for risk. I am not anticipating a greeat deal of wholesale purchasing unless I see and obvious profit for our salon. Complicating that, many of us are experiencing a good deal of uncertainty in the economy for good reasons. For now, I'm not planning any major changes in salon pricing or scheduling. I will do my best to give quality, prompt service and I hope to see everyone soon. I sincerely thank you all for being such wonderful clients and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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